English Pages

Hello and welcome! Most of the site content is in Finnish, but I’ve prepared some information also in English. Should have used singular in tge title, since currently only one page in English 😉

About me

I’m a Web Specialist and instructor / coach. Check my LinkedIn profile for more information about me in English.


I also teach in English, so if you’re interested in my courses in English, please contact me. Here is roughly the current course list.

  • Website up and running with WordPress
  • Woocommerce and WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • HTML & CSS
  • Social Media
  • iPad for End Users
  • Android for End Users
  • Digital Imaging with Google Photos
  • Security and Privacy for End Users


I’ve been using WordPress since ”beginning”. I regurlary teach WordPress in my courses and also do small website projects. Contact me if you are interested.


Some hobbies too

  • Motor boating in the Finnish Gulf
  • Birdwatching, member of Tringa
  • Hobbyist musician
  • Occasionally playing Ingress using nick @stedius in the Resistance Team of course 😉