English Pages

Hello and welcome! Most of the site content is in Finnish, but I’ve prepared some information also in English. I should have used singular in the title, since currently there is only this one page in English 😉

About me

I’m a Web Specialist and instructor / coach. Check my LinkedIn profile for more information about me in English.


I also teach in English, so if you’re interested in my courses in English, please contact me. Here is roughly the current course portfolio.

  • Website up and running with WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • HTML & CSS
  • XML
  • Social Media
  • iPad for End Users
  • Android for End Users
  • Digital Imaging with Google Photos
  • Security and Privacy for End Users


I’ve been using WordPress since the ”beginning”. I regurlary teach WordPress in my courses and also do small website projects. Contact me if you are interested.


Some hobbies too

  • Hobbyist musician
  • Birdwatching (and listening too 😉 ), member of Tringa
  • Boating in the Finnish Gulf
  • Occasionally playing Ingress using nick @stedius in the Resistance Team of course 😉